Collaborative Robots The game changer for your company

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What are Collaborative Robots?

Collaborative robots, also known as Cobots are robots that directly collaborate with humans, becoming a crucial part of the team. They take over dangerous, repetitive tasks, lifting up to 35 kg, thus maintaining the human’s health while automating entire assembly lines.

Why choose Collaborative Robots?

  • Easy to program and very safe to use
  • Improve the productivity of your employees
  • Prevent injures by eliminating dangerous tasks
  • Deliver a fast Return on Investment through efficiency
  • Become more cost competitive against your competition

Who needs Collaborative Robots?

Companies of all sizes and industries can benefit from Collaborative Robots. It does not matter if you are a small, medium or large company, our Cobots are the best fit for your business. Let us show you their many capabilities and benefits below!

Our Collaborative Robots Family

Our Collaborative Robots in Action!

MOREChoices, Payloads, Reach & Speed Than any other Cobot brand

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Why settle for less, when you can get MORE?

  • MORE Control

    The Collaborative Robots can easily learn from you. How? Just use our hand guidance function to teach the Cobot. Once you lead through the motion points of the future task, it’s done! The Cobot observes, learns and repeats it with full precision.

  • MORE Reliability

    The precision of our CR series is second to none! They can reliably replicate a movement multiple times with a repeatability of ± 0.01 to ± 0.03 mm. The benefit is that, with your team, they take over tedious, repetitive tasks whilst maintaining high precision.

  • MORE Payloads

    FANUC is unique. Why? Because we have the world’s strongest collaborative robot, the CR-35iA, lifting up to 35 kg. Combined with an unrivalled reach, our Collaborative Robots offer you the perfect fit for any of your application and increase your productivity!

  • MORE Confidence

    Having your Robots working properly is essential for your business. This is why FANUC will back you up with our service support network 24/7 365 days of the year in more than 260 support locations around the world. This is key to keep you ahead of your competition!

  • MORE Possibilities

    All our Collaborative Robots can be upgraded with any of our intelligence features – made by FANUC, developed specifically for FANUC robots. Intelligence-ready features include FANUC iRVision, 3D vision with 3D Vision Sensor, as well as Force Sensors.

  • MORE Freedom

    Give dirty, dangerous, and dull jobs to our Collaborative Robots and reduce repetitive strain and accidental injuries to humans. They work in direct cooperation or alongside your employees in a shared work environment – without the need for safety fences or sensors.

What our customers say about our Collaborative Robots

“Collaborative robotics is a technology that opens up new avenues: we now have the possibility for humans to work hand in hand with a robot. We want to test this out, in order to move ahead and gain a competitive edge.”

“FANUC is much further ahead of other manufacturers with its collaborative robots. This is the case for the programming, but also for the movement coordination of the robot arm. The FANUC robots run very quietly and controlled from A to B, while our comparative project jerked and rocked significantly more.”

Factory automation belongs to FANUC’s history.

We installed over 750,000 Robots worldwide for small, medium and large companies.

60 years of experience in automation
271 locations in 109 countries supported
Lifetime spare parts guarantee

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